Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Google Sites Vs Blogger

For last couple of weeks, I have spent some time using Google Sites to build myself a technical web site with blog features. After all these weeks, I have hit wall after wall and had pretty much come to conclusion that it might not be the ideal platform for my blog.

I understand that there are many users using Google Sites and from my research I notice that they loved it. As a developer of a Web Content Management ages ago, I initially find it attractive but it is disappointing to see that it lack features/direct ways to support even some of the own Google Functionality on the web space.

To my readers, I would like to apologize that I finally give up on the idea to built my blog using Google Sites. I will use Blogger Instead. I will slowly move all the existing posts (lucky me that I did not create a lot of posts there :) )

Here I come blogger!!!!


  1. Hello Vincent,

    I was about to do the same (build a Google Site and incorporate blogging). Can you expand on some of the "walls" you hit?

  2. Apologise for not reply for a while as work is getting quite crazy recently.

    My primary objective is creating a blog for myself. Howwever, I notice that Google Site seems to be a bit "out of fashion". A lot of update features will need to rely on half baked addins and there was no further updates. Situation is similar in Blogger, however, the addin seems to be a bit more up-to-date. Of course, as the name suggest, blogger seems to support blogging better. Google sites is more ideal for web sites.

    From customisation prospective, both of them are quite poor. If you want to create your own layout or do serious customisation, both of them required intensive reading on the web. As you can see, I keep this blog very simple and stick to default function provide by the product.

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  4. Glad to be able to provide my 2cents worth of tips.

  5. Thanks for the advice. Was considering moving from Blogger to Google+ (didn't really want to, but it seems like the site keeps suggesting it) and now I feel better about staying where I am.
    I found you by googling "Blogger vs Google".

    1. I am glad that my failed attempt at Google sites managed to save you some time. I have visit your blogger site and it looks lovely. Looks like I will have a lot to do to catch up :)

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  7. Hi, its good to read your post and it made me easier to choose between the two. Now i am planning to start with blogger in spite of google sites. I have few more question here.

    1. I saw "Jabong" advertisement on your side bar and bottom bar. Can you please suggest how to get that and other affiliate links

    2. I tried adding ebay network partner on my blogger, and they send me a mail asking to upload a text file to my site page. Can you please suggest how to upload .txt file to blogger.

    1. Pooja,

      Good to be about to help. Here are the answers to your question:

      1. The advertisement I used in my site are google ads and can be added to blogger sites as part of the design. If I remember correctly, you will need to register with adsense first.

      For other affiliate links, they should all provide some sort of HTML snippets and you can add them in blogger via adding HTML code to you blogger site.

      2. Interesting question - I never store attachments/documents in blogger and don't think you can do that. When I put documents/attachments, I put them in google docs/dropbox and create a link to that site. I did not have any personal experience with ebay. Did they provide other alternative to proof your existence? I will need to investigate and get back to you.

  8. I use blogger and I am 'thinking' of going to a platform? Any advice if that is a good/bad idea?
    I am not sure how increase my SEO, or if it can be done in blogger?
    I have been searching for a FREE hosting site that supports (think I found two...just not sure what the catch is)
    Thanks for your article
    Sissy :)

    1. Sissy, good to hear that you like my article. I have not use WordPress before but notice that there are a lot of beautiful blogs are built using WordPress. It could be my next project :)

      Regarding SEO, it is a complex thing. There are various factors that would affect SEO, including how you construct your site, wording that you used, etc. It is not quite related to whether you are using blogger, google site or WordPress. Rather, it is related to how you design your site. I personally run some simple techniques by improving keywords and metadata using Google Analytics. I would suggest you do the same.

      Good luck with you new adventure with WordPress. Maybe you could tell me your experience once you start playing around with it.

      Cheers, Vincent